Vehicle Repairs Service

Being a “Detail Shop” is more than just going the extra mile, it is about being able to take care of every detail of the job.

From little stone chips and annoying scratches, to ripped seats and worn leather, we have got you covered. By partnering with top mobile trade suppliers, we can offer you multiple vehicle repairs solutions all in one location.
You’ll be surprised at what we can fix so let us know what your vehicle needs.

Doctor Cuts minor vehicle repairs service

Remove stone chip and tar from bumpers and grills.

Our Repair Services

There’s no point buffing a bung paint job or trying to spruce up patchy upholstery. We can take care of any imperfections that will affect your grooming.

Paintless dent removal

How annoying are those shopping trolley dings and those door bumps in parking lots?  The only thing worse, is when your vehicle gets an amazing polish and shine and then you can see these dents even more!  We charge the same rate and can offer the same multi-panel discounts so there is no losing.

Fabric, vinyl, leather & carpet

From minor to major, we can do it all. Only the most professional of contractors in their fields are employed to ensure we provide you with the best and most dynamic bespoke work. We can even change the colour of your leather if you so desire.

Replacement parts

Replacement parts for popular, obscure or classic vehicles. With our national and worldwide network of contacts, we can source and fit any replacement parts you may need for your vehicle. Missing an interior lamp in your Cadillac while it is in for some detailing? What about the broken badge on your Porsche? Or the smashed rain visor on your Ford Ranger?

Scratches & stone chips

Scratch and stone chip repairs are second nature to us. We use quality automotive paint and the latest application methods. From simple little chips in your bonnet to a dirty great key mark in your door, we can help. Colour matched from the manufacturers code or with a spectrometer means the absolute closest match of colour possible. We can also use a fill and blend method to make the scratch repair almost invisible.

“Great service at a good price. My car came back to me in better condition than when I brought it! Will definitely go back again.”

– Danny T

Let's get it sorted

You don’t have to put up with that shopping cart ding or missing body kit piece any longer. We’ll put it right.

Doctor Cuts vehicle repairs - ripped seat before
Doctor Cuts vehicle repairs - ripped seat after
Minor vehicle repairs include stone chip repairs
Doctor Cuts vehicle repairs include paintless dent removal