Wurth Rapid Windscreen Cleaner 32ml


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Wurth Rapid Windscreen Cleaner 32ml

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The Wurth Rapid Windscreen Cleaner will make your windows crystal clear in a matter of seconds. Simply pour the cleaner into your water reservoir and spray your RV’s water jets. The cleaner eliminates glare, oily films and stubborn insects without streaking.

Benefits & Features

  • Contains special cleaning agents
  • Prevents streaking
  • Eliminates glare and oily films
  • Provides crystal clear vision
  • Removes stubborn insects and other contaminations
  • Very good material compatibility
  • Safe on polycarbonate glass
  • Gentle on paintwork and rubber
  • 1:100 concentrate.
  • 32 ml sufficient for 2.5 –3 litres of washer fluid