Ultimate Water Spot Removal Kit – Doctor Cuts Recommends


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Everything you need to remove water spots from glass.

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The quickest and most effective group of products for stress and scratch free removal of light to heavy water spotting on glass surfaces!

1x CG HD Waterspot Remover
1x Absolute Water Spot
4 x Magic Eraser Blocks
2 x Microfibre Cloths
1 x CG Waffle Weave Window Cloth
1 x Auto Aid Glass Cleaner

Doctor Cuts Recommends are custom product packs that Doc himself has tried and tested to be the most effective and efficient at a particular task and this task is water spots on glass!

There are a number of great products out there but in one way or another they are always a little bit of a let down when needing the speed and accuracy of a detail shop.  Time is money and unfortunately removing water spots takes time.. until now!

Using the combination of Chemical Guys HD Water Spot Remover and Absolute Auto and Marine Glass Water Spot Remover, we have found the quickest way to flawlessly remove these spots so you can maximise your time and bottom line!

How it’s done:

  • Firstly, make sure the glass is clean from dust and other contaminants
  • Using a Magic Erasers and a 50mm squeeze (like toothpaste) of Chemical Guys HD Water Spot Remover, cover the entire piece of glass (only a portion if front or rear screen) and make sure it’s rubbed in evenly
  • Next, take a microfibre rag corner with approx. 20cent piece amount of Absolute Auto and Marine Glass Water Spot Remover and in a circular motion rub this over the Chemical Guys product in about a 1/4 of the piece of glass, repeating for the 3 remaining quarters
  • Once this is done, to deactivate the acid in the HD product, spray liberally with water or window cleaner and wipe up with a rag
    Only do one window or a portion of a large window at a time and never in direct sunlight or extreme heat
    Finish off with a nice streak free window cleaner all around.  The cleanest windows around!