Theatre Wax Lite by Surgical Shine


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Theatre Wax Lite by Surgical Shine

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Theatre Wax Lite is a handmade, Brazilian carnuba paste wax, formulated for a deep, lasting, hydrophobic shine.

Certified organic carnuba wax from Brazil is blended with New Zealand bees wax, organic oils and high quality essential oil to provide a high definition protective coat to your pride an joy. And not just any old bees wax, we select the bees first batch of wax used to seal the hive and from a native bush setting in New Zealand’s far north.

Tested in a professional setting, this paste wax has easy on/easy off properties, allowing it to be used commercially without massive downtime buffing to a deep gloss.

Priced competitive and comes with carry bag and foam applicator, Theatre Wax Lite is an easy choice for car lovers everywhere!


1. Make sure you are out of the sun and the vehicles panels aren’t hot
2. Decontaminate the paint with a tar and wax remover and then a clay bar or mitt to ensure a smooth surface for application.
3. Using a clean foam or microfibre applicator, sparingly cover the vehicle with wax using soft, circular motions.
4. Allow 20 minutes to bond.
5. Buff to a high shine with a clean microfibre cloth.

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