Auto+Aid Repellent Shampoo 470ml


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Auto+Aid Repellent Shampoo 470ml

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Auto+Aid Repellent Shampoo is a specially formulated car wash shampoo that works with the Auto+Aid Vehicle Detailing System.

Auto+Aid Repellent Shampoo is excellent at removing road film and gently washes away dirt and grime. Auto+Aid Repellent Shampoo leaves a repellent finish against water, dirt and road film, so you can expect amazing gloss. It offers a perfect dirt repellent coating to your cars, leaving behind a sparkling shine. It also acts as an exceptional car dirt remover that safely lifts dirt away and creates a slick feel.

You will need: 1 Microfibre cloth, 1 Microfibre dry towel and 1 wash sponge/mitt


  • Shake well before using.
  • Add 20ml to a bucket of clean cold or warm water (8 litres).
  • Wet the car with water then Wash car using a clean sponge.
  • Dry thoroughly using a microfibre dry towel. 5. Buff to a high shine with a microfibre cloth.

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