Paint Protection

Paint Protection is a technology that is being used more often these days on new vehicles, and there’s an increasing number of people choosing to protect their used vehicles as well.
The automotive paint technology has come a long way, meaning the manufacturers are able to achieve amazing results using ever thinning paint depths. These thinning depths are much more susceptible to damage from UV and chemical’s, as well as harsh washing and buffing. This is why it’s important to protect your paint finish to help prolong the life of the shine and depth of colour.

The other advantages of having Paint Protection on your vehicle, are it’s omni-phobic and hydrophobic properties. This means that mud and dirt, pollen and sap, bird droppings, tar and more will have a much harder time permanently bonding to your vehicle’s surface. Water will run off with ease and the coating is resistant to water marks left behind by minerals that are present in the rain. Washing and drying your vehicle is so much easier and quicker and you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner as the dirt literally falls off with a pressure wash.

Doctor Cuts Detail Shop paint protection film application

Retain that showroom shine

There are a number of different options available depending on your budget and desired results. Check out what we can offer.


Titanium coating is our base product that offers good protection and shine and with packages starting at just $499, it’s brilliant for the budget conscious!


Ceramic coating is our go-to protection product that provides outstanding shine, protection and durability and priced from $799 it’s our most popular product!


Graphite, or Graphene coating is our high end option offering superior smoothness, shine and ultimate protection and starting at $999 it’s definite value for money!


PPF (Paint Protection Film) is next level protection with tons of research and technology giving you the highest protection available and starting at $599!

“Fantastic job on my VE Commy. Doctor Cuts and the team speak through their work. Thanks team!”

– Paul S

Shine on!

Come in and see us TODAY to discuss your individual requirements and we can put together the perfect package.

Paint protection technology to prolong the shine
Application of PPF for superior paint protection
Doctor Cuts paint protection for enhanced depth of colour
paint protection film to protect new paint