Interior Vehicle Detailing

Don’t think, just because we are experts on exterior, that our interior vehicle detailing game is lacking…

It is completely the opposite. The team are trained on the latest techniques, tools and products available to ensure we treat your vehicles interior with the best clean and detail available.

You’ve tried cleaning your interior yourself, and you know all the crumbs and spilt coffee is still stuck in the grooves where you can’t reach them. And that weird smell simply won’t go away.

It’s time to let the pro’s tackle the job.

best in the bay interior vehicle detailing
Interior vehicle detailing by Doctor Cuts Detail Shop

Love that “new car” smell…

Removing odours and getting rid of that grime you just can’t reach is a walk in the park for our team.

Initial Clean

We use compressed air to give your pride and joy the deepest air dust around. Our compressor is of the highest quality and we use the latest in filtration technology that allows us to guarantee we will not be blowing any water, oil or contaminants into your interior.

Deep Clean

Stain and odour removal on all surfaces and from all contaminants, such as vomit, blood, feces, urine, include free interior sanitization to remove any harmful bacteria that may be lurking in your vehicle. We can replace your cabin filter and sanitize and remove odours in your air-conditioning system and carpets including tobacco and bong water.

The right Products

The products we use are designed to clean without harming or applying any greasy residue. We have specialist products for all surfaces including plastic, vinyl, leather, suede, fabric and glass. From simple tidy up to full-on rubbish tip restoration, there is no interior we cannot tackle.

“Absolutely amazing job done on my car today. Totally professional and would recommend to anyone!”

– Charmaine C

Cleaner is safer

Interiors are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria – and you sit right in the middle of it. A good interior vehicle detailing is not just for the car – it’s for you too!

Interior Vehicle Detailing of Venom
Interior Vehicle Detailing of venom dashboard
Interior vehicle detailing of white leather seats by Doctor Cuts
Interior vehicle detailing of white leather interior