About Doctor Cuts

My passion is automotive.

It has been in my blood since forever and a lot of my working life has been involved in one way or another with vehicles. Big, small, old or new. Japanese, American, Italian or Australian. V8, rotary, 2 wheels or 12 wheels, diesel or petrol. I love them all!

A few years ago, I identified a hole in the local detailing and grooming industry. High end, quality workmanship, performed by passionate and skillful people, was not available. Top quality detailing products and advice were not available locally either. So, not being one to focus on the problem, I created the solution.

Doctor Cuts Detail Shop was born in 2018 and quickly became the number one detail shop in the Bay of Plenty, central North Island. We provide world class services and products that discerning people trust and deserve access to.  . . . . And now we are mobile.

Doctor Cuts Detail Shop vehicle with DC license

“Thanks Wayne and the Doctor Cuts team, my i30N is looking STUNNING! Better than when it rolled out of the showroom. The SlipStream Titanium Paint Protection is amazing, adds way more depth. Recommend Doctor Cuts to anyone looking for the highest standards, these guys leave no stone unturned, no shortcuts, they go above and beyond. Best in the Bay! Thanks again, will be back!”

– Daniel H, Tauranga

Vintage black mustang with Doctor Cuts detail finish
Motorbike fully groomed and detailed by Doctor Cuts Detail Shop
Automotive detailing specialists
Exterior detailing of vintage Porsche