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Next to houses, vehicles are the most significant investment we make, but people rarely treat them that way.

Vehicles have a hard life. They spend most of their time outside in the elements getting covered in dirt, road tar, sea spray, bugs and worse. The outside is lucky to get a quick scrub a couple of times a year. Don’t get us started on the interior!

Between the kids and the pets, the fast-food crumbs and spilt soda you know it’s not sanitary, let alone tidy. And no matter how hard you try, you never seem to be able to get it 100% clean yourself.

It’s time to call in Doctor Cuts Detail Shop, the professional automotive detailers, to do the job right.

What We Do

We make your vehicle look like new again, inside and out, and help to keep it looking that way.

Exterior Detailing

Whether you have a muscle car, luxury sedan, sports car or a family wagon, all cars benefit from exterior detailing and protective coatings. We can restore your showroom shine or help you protect the one you already have. And we don’t stop at cars.

Interior Detailing

Ground-in dirt, stained upholstery and soiled carpets: it happens no matter what you drive. And that’s just the grime you can see. Vehicles are the perfect incubator for bacteria and germs, and we expose ourselves to them every time we travel.

Paint Protection

Protect your paint and prolong the life of the shine and depth of colour.  Our Paint Protection technologies are omni-phobic and hydrophobic meaning mud, dirt, pollen, sap and other pollutants are much easier to wash off with a simple pressure wash.


Runaway trolley collisions, road work stone chips, scratchy overgrown shrubs on the driveway; it seems the world is out to ruin your vehicles paintwork. We can repair the daily abuse your vehicle receives – and even tackle interior repair work too.

“It is obvious that the team at Doctor Cuts Detail Shop have a sense of pride in the work they do as it always shows in the end result!

The entire team are very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and always prepared to go that extra mile to achieve the best look and finish no matter what the job.

Wayne and his team have worked their magic on a number of our high-end cars over the last 12 months and carried out everything from basic grooms through to full scale paint correction, and every result has always been impressive to say the least.”

– Ross Prevette, Shelby New Zealand

Let's get started

There are so many ways to service tired interiors and exteriors. Bring your vehicle in and chat about the best options for bringing it back to life.

Not just Cars…

We’ll detail or groom just about anything. Two wheels, four wheels, more wheels or none at all. Give us a call to discuss or book a grooming below.


The sea is a pretty harsh environment, and boats and jet-skis often don’t get the love they need. Whether you consider them toys or tools, once the weekend is over, they tend to get forgotten about. Talk to us about protecting your investment.


Caravans, motorhomes, even trucks big and small they’re all the same to us. Don’t try it at home – bring your recreation vehicles to the professionals. We have all the right gear and the staff who know all the tricks to get your RV gleaming.


Even though aircraft are not high-use vehicles, they still encounter a huge amount of soiling. From water-spots to bugs, oil stains and more, we arrive at the hanger with everything to tackle all interior and exterior grooming requirements.

Show us what you've got.

Got an unusual vehicle that needs some TLC?  Get in touch or book a grooming.

“Aside from the thoroughly professional workmanship, Wayne is just a really good bloke. He’s gone “above and beyond” for us twice now and he’s doing the same for breast cancer! Don’t take your car anywhere else!”

– Sue H

Luxury sports car exterior detailing by Doctor Cuts Detail Shop
First class interior grooming by Doctor Cuts Detail Shop
Showroom paint finish and protection for Shelby Mustang by Doctor Cuts Detail Shop
high end exterior detailing of truck by Doctor Cuts Detail Shop